2019 Commission Report

Brazil State Grand Orients
The Grande Orient de Minas Gerais and the Grand Oriente de Mato Grosso do Sul were each recognized by and treaties signed with their respective State Grand Lodges in 2018. Each of these bodies are also recognized by the CMI. It would be reasonable to assume that these grand orients are practicing regular Masonry and recognition would be appropriate if you so desire.

Grand Lodge of Royal Art (Romania)
The Grand Chanceller of this grand lodge, R/W Dragos Ionut Onescu contacted the Commission in a timely manner to pursue recognition. No representative from this grand lodge was present at the 2019 Commission meeting. There is no evidence available to indicate that this grand lodge meets any of the standards for recognition.

Additional Information
1. Representatives of both entities identifying themselves as the Gran Logia Simbolica Del Paraguay spoke briefly before the Commission. The Commissionís position remains the same as reported in recent reports of the Commission.
2. The current address of the Grand Lodge of Benito Juarez of the state of Coahuila R.E.A.A. is: Bahia de Ballenas #933 Col. Nueva California Torreon CP 27089 Coahuila, Mexico

REMINDER: The deadline for reports filed with the Commission is December 1. We will not accept any new material for consideration after this date.

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