2016 Commission Report

Grand Lodge of Georgia
The Grand Lodge of Georgia, formed by three regular lodges in Georgia, was consecrated by the Grand Lodge of Russia on March 14, 2015. The Grand Lodge of Georgia filed, in a timely manner, a request with the Commission to be examined for regularity. However, at the February 22 meeting of the Commission, the M/W Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Russia, M/W Andrey Bogdanov requested that the matter be tabled until the 2017 meeting of the Commission. There were no representatives from the Grand Lodge of Georgia in attendance at the Commission meeting. This request was granted.

After many years of negotiations, legislation by which the Grand Lodge AFAM of Bulgaria would become part of the United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria (UGLB) was ratified on June 20, 2015. The UGLB suggests that the resulting grand lodge is composed of 4000 Masons with 119 lodges practicing regular Masonry. The Commission would like to congratulate the UGLB on this monumental accomplishment, 15 years in the making and extend its best wishes for a bright future for Masonry in Bulgaria. There are however other groups of Masons in Bulgaria who wish to become part of this unification movement. It is hoped that in the near future, we can report that all Masonry in Bulgaria is unified under one grand lodge.

King James Supreme Grand Lodge AF & AM Scottish Rites, Inc. of Miami, Florida
The King James Supreme Grand Lodge AF & AM Scottish Rites, Inc of Miami, Fl, a self-formed grand lodge without treaty with the Grand Lodge of Florida, contacted the Commission to inquire how they might become a regular grand lodge. They were advised of the requirements for recognition as adopted by our Conference in 1952 and directed to the Commission website. Further communications with this group verified that they do not pass the test of Legitimacy of Origin nor do they have a treaty to share the territory of the state of Florida. There being no representative to speak on behalf of this group, the Commission took no further action on this matter.

Additional Information

Quintanna Roo
In 2014, the Commission stated in its report, to determine the regularity of Mexican and Latin American Grand Lodges, The Commission relies heavily on the Confederation of Regular Grand Lodges of Mexico (CMI) which provides a list of regular grand lodges in that country. That list of regular grand lodges does not include the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Quintanna Roo. The current list of regular grand lodges provided by the CMI includes the name of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of Quintanna Roo and therefore considers it to be practicing regular Masonry.

In 2014, the Commission stated in its report: Over the last six years, the Commission has continued to study the split in the Grand Lodge of Paraguay that resulted in two grand lodges [with similar names and addresses]. The information the Commission has gathered leads it to the conclusion that the Grand Lodge Symbolica whose Grand Master is M/W Bro. Euclides, is the only Grand Lodge in Paraguay that meets the standards for recognition. The Commission ' s position on this matter is unchanged. This is the regular grand lodge. The current Grand Master of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Paraguay is M/W Bro. Edgar Sanchez Caballero. The address of that grand lodge is: Gran Logia Simbolica Del Paraguay Avda. de la Victoria No 690 esq Lopez Moreira Asuncion - Paraguay

A great many Grand Lodges continue to appear in North America each year which do not meet the standards for recognition. Further, most of these grand lodges make no effort to achieve regularity or even establish a relationship with the regular grand lodges into whose jurisdiction they have inserted themselves. The Commission urges great vigilance in establishing relationships with new grand lodges that do not exist in the List of Lodges-Masonic, published by Pantagraph, in Bloomington, Ill.

REMINDER: The deadline for reports filed with the Commission is December 1. We will not accept any new material for consideration after this date.

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