2018 Commission Report

Grand Lodge of the Principality Liechtenstein
Representatives of the Grand Lodge of Liechtenstein appeared before the Commission in 2017 to request a finding of regularity from the Commission. At that time, they were informed that the Commission would study the matter further and provide an update at the 2018 conference. After further study and hearing comments from numerous delegations at our 2018 meeting, the Commission finds that the Grand Lodge of the Principality Liechtenstein does not meet the standards for recognition.

Grand Lodge Valle De Mexico
A request for a finding of regularity was received from the Grand Lodge Valle De Mexico. In the absence of sufficient evidence upon which to base a ruling, action on this request is postponed until such time that a more informed decision can be made.

The Grand Lodge of Baja California
In 2013, the Commission reported that “there continues to be two groups that claim to be the legitimate Grand Lodge of Baja California. After further review, we would like to see both sides reconciled, however the Grand Lodge of Baja California, under Grand Master Carlos Manuel Lura Herrera currently meets the standards for recognition.” No additional information has been provided to alter that position.

The Grand Lodge of Paraguay
In 2005, the Grand Master of Paraguay was suspended by an appendant body. Pursuant to treaty, this lead to his suspension from symbolic or craft Masonry. In 2006, there was a schism in Paraguayan Masonry. For a number of years, attempts were made to reconcile the two grand lodges. In 2014, when such efforts repeatedly failed, this Commission found that the newer grand Lodge met the standards for recognition. This was, in part, because the prior Grand Lodge did not demonstrate sovereignty, as an appendant body functionally controlled the craft. The Commission has now been presented evidence that in 2017, a new treaty was entered into with the appendant body, preserving the sovereignty of the craft. While both grand lodges appear to be practicing regular Freemasonry, before the Commission makes further recommendations, we encourage both parties to discuss a treaty to share the jurisdiction regardless of whether they formally recognize one another Masonically.

Other Information

The Commission has been informed that the sovereign jurisdictions of the Grand Lodges of the Congo, Cameroon and the Ivory Coast have been invaded by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina. Additional information will be provided on this matter as it becomes available.

REMINDER: The deadline for reports filed with the Commission is December 1. We will not accept any new material for consideration after this date.

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